End Vaping Meme & Vlog Contest 2020

Contest Brief

According to the CDC, as of October 1, 2019, 1,080 lung injury cases associated with using e-cigarette, or vaping, products have been reported from 48 states and 1 U.S. territory. 16% of these patients are under 18 years old, and 21% of patients are 18 to 20 years old. These stats need to change, and we need your help!

SADD and End Vaping are partnering to bring awareness to the dangers of vaping and e-cigarettes. To enter the contest, students will submit a meme or short vlog (one minute or less) educating their peers on the dangers of vaping and e-cigarette use. Vlog should include current, accurate facts and/or statistics, why teens should choose not to vape, dangers of vaping (illness, death, addiction, impaired memory, dental injuries, symptoms, impaired memory, etc.)


Vlog Entries: One prize in each category for high school (grades 9-12) and middle school (grades 6-12)

  1. First Place: $2,500
  2. Second Place: $500
  3. Third Place: $250

Meme Entries: One prize in each category for high school (grades 9-12) and middle school (grades 6-12)

  1. First Place: $1,000
  2. Second Place: $500
  3. Third Place: $250


  1. Students from schools with SADD chapters are eligible to participate. If your school does not have a SADD chapter, start one – it’s so easy to do! Here is how to start a SADD chapter in your school.
  2. Submissions must be original and not contain any copyrighted or protected materials, content or music. See Waiver and Submission Form.
  3. Vlogs must be less than one minute in length. See Vlog and Meme/GIF Requirements.
  4. Memes/GIFs must be 10 seconds or less and must focus on one (or several) of the following themes:
    • Friends Don’t Let Friends Vape
    • Caring friends will speak up even if it may be uncomfortable to do so
  5. Entries will be judged on adherence to requirements, creativity and message.
  6. Submissions must be submitted and applicable forms completed no later than April 5, 2020. Winners will be announced in April 2020.

Ownership of Submitted Vlog and Memes and Rights for Future Use by Contest Sponsors

By submitting vlogs and/or memes, entrants unconditionally and irrevocably assign all rights and ownership, including copyrights, existing now or which may accrue in the future, to the contest sponsors and agree that contest sponsors may use the vlogs and memes without limitation and in any fashion that sponsors choose, including but not limited to websites, in social media, educational presentations locally and nationally, promotional materials or for any other purpose and use desired by contest sponsors. Entrants also agree that contest sponsors, or their designees, may without limitation, edit, or modify the vlog or meme, including the title of same and advertise or publish the vlog or meme without entrant(s)’ approval and for no additional compensation beyond contest prizes. Entrants will have full rights to use their submissions beginning five (5) days after contest winners are announced. Contest sponsors will provide attribution to entrants in a manner of their choosing in the event of their use.

Notification of Winners and Payment of Prizes

Winners will be notified in April 2020 by e-mail to the address used by entrants for their submissions. If winning entrants are under the age of 18, parents or legal guardians will be asked to execute final releases before payment of prizes.

Vlog and Meme Requirements

Originality of Submissions and Prohibition of Using Protected Materials or Music

By submitting vlogs and/or memes, entrants are representing that the submission is original and their own work-product, that none of the content, including music, is copyrighted and that content does not violate YouTube standards.

Approval of Actors: By submitting a vlog or meme/GIF entrants agree that all actors, or persons represented in the vlogo or meme, did provide their agreement to participate, and have provided their agreement for future use of their photograph, or likenessh4>by contest sponsors.

Technical Requirements

Vlogs must have a 640 x 480 resolution suitable for large screen projection and should be one minute or less. Vlogs not achieving suitable resolution may be disqualified.

Meme entries should be saved and sent to us in one of the following image formats: .jpg, .png or .gif files.

Individual or Team Submissions

Submissions may be made by individual students or as part of a team from schools with SADD chapters. Only one prize will be awarded for each winning submission no matter the number of team members. It is the responsibility of those submitting vlogs or memes/GIFs to designate at the time of submission the appropriate person or persons to whom payment should be made in the event the submission wins one of the contest prizes. Individuals or teams may submit a vlog and/or a meme/GIF and schools may have multiple submissions.

Submission of vlogs or memes/GIFs

Submissions must be sent through the contest submission link no later than April 5, 2020. Submissions sent in any other form will not be considered. Entrants may send a separate e-mail to info@EndDD.org to confirm receipt of their entries. No entries may be posted with public access until five (5) days after contest winners are announced. Contest sponsors shall have the exclusive right to post and disseminate vlogs and memes for the first five (5) days after contest winners are announced. Thereafter entrants may publicly post vlogs and memes/GIFs.

The winners of the contest will be announced in April of 2020. When posting vlogs to YouTube, entrants must choose the “unlisted setting.” No vlog or meme/GIF which was posted with public access or otherwise disseminated before five (5) days following announcement of contest winners are announced will be eligible for consideration and if vlogs or memes/GIFs are determined to have been posted in violation of these rules the entry may be disqualified.

Facts and statistics can be found at the following sites:

Vlog Theme Ideas

  • “Man on the Street” style interviews – interview your peers and get their candid thoughts on vaping and its dangers. Craft your questions using the facts and statistics found above.
  • Why teens should choose not to vape – the dangers of vaping, including illness death, addiction, impaired memory and dental injuries.
  • Do you think large companies are purposely going after teens to increase profits by offering flavorings?
  • Don’t be a lab rat/guinea pig, we don’t know the long term or even some short-term effects of vaping.
  • Friends don’t let friends vape?


For more information about EndVaping.org’s e-mail info@endvaping.org

Waiver and Submission Form