Announcing Our 2020 Video and Meme Contest Winners!

End Vaping developed a video and meme/GIF contest, in partnership with SADD and Anapol Weiss Foundation, to bring awareness to the dangers of vaping and e-cigarettes to our nation’s youth. Students from schools with SADD chapters submitted memes and short video blogs (vlogs) to educate their peers in a creative way. The vlogs include current and accurate facts, reasons why teens should choose not to vape, and the dangers of vaping. The memes and GIFs focus on one or both of these themes: friends don’t let friends vape, and caring friends will speak up even if it may be uncomfortable to do so.

We opened voting to the public, asking our followers on social media to check out the videos and memes and choose their favorites. The results are in!

Thank You to Our Sponsors

Our 2020 video and meme contest was possible with the support of Anapol Weiss Foundation and SADD.

The Anapol Weiss Foundation supports people and organizations that promote community health and safety. Funded by a portion of fees from Anapol Weiss’s successful cases, the foundation has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to nonprofits that help people with injuries similar to those of the firm’s clients.

Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) promotes positive life decisions that will carry young people throughout life. SADD’s mission is accomplished by creating, equipping, and sustaining a network of student-run chapters in schools and communities focused on peer-to-peer education.

2020 Winners

Below are the winners to the 2020 video and meme contest in each category.

Category: Video Blog (High School)

1st Place
Gabi from Riverside High School, Friends Don’t Let Other Friends Vape
“I love to sing, and so I thought I should put it to a good use by creating a song that is simple and short. It is important for teens my age to know that just because one person does it, doesn’t make it cool. I wanted my song to include what some teens thing and what is actually true about the dangers of vaping.”

2nd Place
Amitesh from Indian Hill High School, The Toaster Analogy
“The harms of vaping are still ambiguous in modern-day research, but we do know some of the contents of vape juice – heavy metals and detrimental diacetyl. Therefore, these facts inspired me to make a vlog with a “friendly” analogy of using a toaster (representing an e-cigarette) and white bread (fluffy lungs). Hopefully, the vlog conveys the message of the detrimental reality of vaping.”

3rd Place
Cheyenne from Stevenson High School, The Vape Rap
“I wanted an entertaining and silly way to spread a serious message to other teens. I was inspired by the idea that vapes are cool, when they definitely are not. I wanted to use my cool rapping skills to spread the message that vaping needs to stop.”


Category: Meme (High School)

1st Place
Hailey from Denham Springs High School

2nd Place
Hailey from North Decatur Jr./Sr. High School

3rd Place
Cassie, Jedrick, and Collin from Alamosa High School


Category: Meme (Middle School)

1st Place
John from Upperman Middle School

2nd Place
Bailey from Buchanan Middle School

3rd Place
Savannah from Prescott South Middle School